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heliski Kamchatka

Héliskiing in Russia

A unique and exceptional territory …
On the shores of the North Pacific, south of the Bering Detroit , between fjords, active volcanoes and hot springs, you’ll leave your track in landscapes where man is just passing through.
This Russian peninsula, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the wildest and most unspoilt areas of our planet.
A unbelievable journey engraved forever in your memory …



Dates :
The heliski base is open from March 15 th to May 12 th
Program :
10 days : From friday to Sunday
Day 1 : Arrival and night in Moscow
Day 2 and 3 : Departure from Moscow at 5:00 pm
Arrival in Petropavlovsk at 11:00 am the next day (8:30 h fly)
From the airport of Petropavlovsk, 35 minutes bus transfert to the hotel.
Lunch and safety briefing
Day 4 to 9 : Héliskiing on the volcanoes next to the Pacific ocean.
Day 10 : Departure from Petropavlovsk to Moscow at1:00 pm and Moscow to initial destination.
Geography location:
The Kamchatka peninsula is located in the far east of Russia with11 hours jet lag.
This territory is 2500 km op north from Tokyo.
The”Antarius” hotel is a 3-star hotel with a natural hot water pool (42 degrees), a sauna and a massage service.
The drop zone for our helicopters is at 100 meters from the hotel.
Quality of the place:
Exceptional, rare, unbelievable ; adjectives can be very numerous to qualify this eastern part of Siberia.
Snow conditions:
Powder snow from march to the end of April.
Spring snow in May.
Number of participants:
12 persons by hélicopter for 3 guides
Activities in bad weather :
There are two small ski resorts near Petropavlovsk.
Also, ski touring, dog sled riding, snowmobiling, sea fishing, visit of the volcanological museum.
Ski level:
Good and very good skier in powder snow.
Good skier in spring snow.
Fitness level:
Good and very good physical condition.
Additional informations and request for quotation:
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