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Hiking and Biking in Lapland

Hiking and e-mountain biking

Located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, this region of Sweden and Norway benefits from the presence of the Gulf Stream which tempers the climate.
The milder temperatures than a place of the same latitude on another continent, are therefore ideal for trekking and electric mountain biking.
You will discover an unspoilt nature and an unique beauty from the great Norwegian lakes and fjords that cut the North Atlantic shore.
The midnight sun in July or the artic lights in September, the choice is not simple but this stay in the North part of the planet will remain an unforgettable memory …



Dates :
July August and September
Program :
5 Days
Day 1 :
Arrival in the afternoon in Kiruna airport (Sweden) or in Narvik airport (Norway) and from
Kiruna or Narvik to the Niehku mountain villa (1h30 by car).Possibility of transfer by helicopter.

Day 2, 3, and 4:
Hiking or e-mountain biking .
Day 5 :
Back to Kiruna-Stockholm and Stockholm to your initial destination or Narvik-Oslo and Oslo to your initial destination.
Geography location:
The small village of Riksgransen where the Niehku lodge is located is in Sweden. It is 5 kilometers from the Norwegian border and 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.
Accommodation :
The Niehku mountain villa won in September 2019 the UNESCO Grand Prix of Versailles, rewarding for a hotel, the most beautiful interior architecture in the world.
This brand new lodge with these 14 rooms is a luxurious haven.
A family atmosphere, a refined cuisine 100% natural and a dedicated staff will be as many benefits to make your stay as pleasant as possible.and dedicated staff will be there to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
Quality of the place:
The space, the silence, but especially the happiness of being in a wild nature.
You don’t need to go hiking or cycling with a bottle of water.
You will be able to drink directly in the rivers or lakes so the environment has remained wild.
A return to simple and natural values…
Hiking and e-mountain biking
Opportunities for kayaking or fishing in lakes and rivers.
Number of participants:
6 persons maximum
Physical level:
All levels : the terrain is so big and varied that everyone will have fun.
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